I need some assistance with these assignment. effective communication and conflict Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. effective communication and conflict Thank you in advance for the help! in the initial stage, I had attempted to resolve the issue through collaboration, but gradually due to some illogical counter-arguments, I was provoked to hold a competitive approach. However, in the gradual course of the conflict, I was turned to a submissive attitude perceiving that the conflict would not be resolved. It has been analyzed that the presence of a collaborative approach during the conflict would have resulted in the resolution of the same.

I. Warm-Up Questions

In the discussion of the bill collection procedure in the meeting, some of the contradictory and argumentative points have emerged. These contradictory arguments were more significant with one of the peers. However, it is important to note that with the concerned person, there have been no unpleasant relationship. The individual has been my colleague for the past 3 years within the organization, Alrehab Equipment and Machinery Co.LTD,-VOLVO. The organization distributes the construction equipment of Volvo. The products of the organization include backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, motor graders, excavators, and others. Although at the initial stages, there has been no such friendly relationship, from the last 2 years, this friendship has developed gradually. This relationship considerably strengthened after being in the same team in the organization (Krauss & Morsella, n.d.).

Although there has been a considerable good relationship with the individual, from the last 1 year the relationship has worsened. This is primarily because of the quick promotion that I have received, despite being junior to the other. Unfortunately, the concerned individual does not consider the fact that my promotion was based on effective and efficient performances. This has weakened the relationship with the individual. However, there have been no instances of arguments and conflicts with the concerned person prior to the current conflict (Spaho, 2013).

II. Nature of the Conflict

The conflict with the concerned individual started in the meeting deciding the bill collection procedure. This conflict immediately started after the proposal made by me regarding the bill collection procedures. However, it was noticed that the other individuals in the meeting did not argue much regarding my proposal.


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