I need some assistance with these assignment. financial analysis: british airways plc Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. financial analysis: british airways plc Thank you in advance for the help! Both, the statements of Chairman and CEO provide an objective but a rich view of the financial status of the organization. Furthermore, it also gives the achievements and challenges of the company. There are certain parallels between their statements such as

Their discussion on the loss that the company has incurred in 2008/09,

Increased rivalry and achievements of the airline with respect to its operations

The difference that prevails in their statements is that the Chairman is more oriented towards the present structure of the company. This is evident from:

His discussion of the merger with Iberia and other companies, all under considerationThe role of CAA in regulating BAA airportsThe British government in meeting the financial crisisUpcoming London Olympics

Whereas the CEO report provides a future outlook of the business keeping in view

The tougher economic conditions the airline is focusing on in lieu of which it is cutting back its operational costs and reducing its fleet size (British Airways, 2009)

The yearly report recognizes the foremost dangers and uncertainties associated with the business. These dangers are recognized as those associated to brand recognition, rivalry, consolidation and deregulation, liability funding, natural environment, fuel cost and currency fluctuation, fuel supply, slowdown of the international financial position, government interference, operational constraints at the Heathrow Airport, key suppliers, benefits after retirement and incidences involving security and safety of passengers.

Some of these dangers such as government guidelines, currency fluctuations, security, etc could be mitigated through effective risk administration although not all of them can be taken and the airline has to integrate these dangers into their enterprise decisions. Risks sway the continuity of the enterprise without interruptions and British Airways have underscored these dangers as a part of their risk administration and business governance schemes which are furthermore revealed in the yearly report (British Airways, 2009).

The audit opinion is concluded after rigorous audit activities and diversified study of the operations.&nbsp.


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