I need some assistance with these assignment. hillary’s strong rhetoric Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. hillary’s strong rhetoric Thank you in advance for the help! She conveys a clear message of re-strengthening America’s relationship with the international community in a bid to gain back America’s honor and trust among leaders and people around the world. Hillary is successful in reaching her audience because she uses a cause and effect strategy to explain how she plans to succeed where the current Bush Administration has failed, and by striking a balance between multiple points of view.

Clarity begins with defining the middle ground that needs to be taken when dealing with issues of diplomacy. Hillary Clinton makes a strong point under the Power and Principle section of her writing when she says: “There is a time for force and a time for diplomacy. when properly deployed, the two can reinforce each other. U.S. foreign policy must be guided by a preference for multilateralism, with unilateralism as an option when absolutely necessary to protect our security or avert an avoidable tragedy.”(5) Although Hillary keeps both the options of force and diplomacy open, she makes clear her preference for multilateralism over unilateralism. This is an indication of her readiness to take the opinion of the international community into consideration and not act in a way that may be interpreted as serving only the goals of the United States. However, she also does not discard unilateralism entirely but keeps it available as an unavoidable option in certain circumstances. The approach allows her to build character and credibility for having multiple views as opposed to favoring one type of foreign policy strategy which would make for a weak argument. Even more effective is the way she justifies using force in situations where the security of the United States is threatened or to avoid imminent tragedy. Although this is just one of many points made in the article, it is an example of the effective way that arguments are being presented.

Her subsequent statement serves to reinforce the idea that Hillary Clinton does a fine job of presenting both sides of the argument to build strong rhetoric: “As president, I will never hesitate to use force to protect Americans or to defend our territory and our vital interests. We cannot negotiate with individual terrorists. they must be hunted down and captured or killed. Nor can diplomacy alone stop the perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity in places such as Darfur.


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