I need some assistance with these assignment. howard gardner, plato and sigmund freud Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. howard gardner, plato and sigmund freud Thank you in advance for the help! The feud was born in 1856 and died in 1939 (Puner 251). Although feud is no more, the great thinker left a big legacy in the field of psychology. This is because he developed theories that have influenced the field a great deal. In fact, his biography shows that although he studied medicine, he had no passion for the field. He is said to have been very passionate about research and the sciences – something that prompted him to study hypnotism and the ways in which psychologists can use it to assist those suffering from mental illnesses. Feud later dumped hypnotism to start studying association and dream analysis, which resulted in the development of “the talking cure.” In fact, “the talking cure” later became a fundamental element of Freud’s psychoanalysis theory (Puner 253). Freud has been influential in different ways. Friends’ first major contribution to the field of psychology is the development of the theory of the human mind. clinical methods used to help those who feel unhappy, as well as the theory of human behavior. Additionally, Feud is also remembered for his invention of the idea of the unconscious, which has influenced the field of psychology in a big way.

Although Feud influenced many psychologists who came after him, his biography shows that he was also influenced by a great deal by certain individuals and historical events in his life. The first person that had a great influence on Feud was the great French psychiatrist Jean-Martin Charcot. Charcot having been Freud’s teacher impacted a great deal on his life and influenced him to live medicine in favor of science and research. In fact, Ritvo shows that Feud lived with Charcot for about four months from 1885-1886, where he made Feud believe in his theory in which he claimed that hysteria is caused by organic factors and that hysteria portrays symptoms that are regular and comprehensible in patterns (183). Pune shows that Feud even agreed with Charcot’s theory at some point and only rejected it later (259). Additionally, the great influence that Charcot had on Feud is also made apparent by the fact that Feud acknowledged him by naming his first son after Charcot.


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