I need some assistance with these assignment. imagine a post-development era by escobar Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. imagine a post-development era by escobar Thank you in advance for the help! Development is, therefore, perceived to be a social state within a country, in which the fundamental needs of its residents are met through viable and sustainable utilization of systems and resources. However, the debate in developmental theory emerges when scholars question the source of influence in the distribution of national wealth to a country’s population. This contention is evident from the post-development school of thought, which entirely contravenes the previous theories, and calls for alternatives to understanding development.

Post-development is a theoretical ideology, which is critical of the concept of development. This developmental theory further advocates for alternatives to the manner in which the concept is understood and implemented in society. From Escobar’s perspective, post-development is best understood as a framework that associates information concerning the Third World with the execution of various forms of intervention or power. This description of post-development is attributable to the notable shift in development theory, between the period following the Second World War until the late 1970s and the subsequent years. During the post-war to 1970s’ phase, development was mainly a matter of education, technology, capital, proper policy, and planning for societal success. However, since the aforementioned period, development has been perceived as a concept of the West. It has, as a result, been viewed as an invasion of knowledge, capital, and technology into Third World countries, which are considered underdeveloped (Escobar 20-21).

Escobar, as an influential supporter of post-development theory, posits that substitutes to development require a practical change to progress, modernism, and economies. This transformative change, according to the scholar, can best be achieved through interventions that foster engagement in social movements. Participants in the latter must also understand that these movements lay the foundation for the creation of alternative societal, democratic, and economic structures. Escobar (46) emphasizes that these social movements can provide insight into their transformative effects on the society in which they are carried out while allowing for re-assessment of post-development and its demands.


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