I need some assistance with these assignment. radiological impact of routine discharges Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. radiological impact of routine discharges Thank you in advance for the help! The invention of a new but controversial technology known as hydraulic fracturing or also termed as “fracking,” has given a new lease of life to the energy industry by allowing access to most previously-inaccessible gas deposits trapped in hard rocks or shale by injecting pressurized water and fragmenting the stones to release the gas. This new method has made gas prices lower today, by as much as 86% cheaper, due to the suddenly abundant natural gas supplies, but this has raised opposition from environmentalists because of pollution-related issues with fracking.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

In the same manner, atomic energy offers the best hope for an energy-thirsty world, but many safety issues are being raised with nuclear reactors in producing electricity. There are renewed concerns about reactor designs’ safety given the fairly recent event in Fukushima, Japan, after a strong earthquake and subsequent tsunami destroyed its nuclear reactor and released radioactive materials. This paper tackles safety issues associated with EPRs.



A European pressurized reactor (EPR) is a third-generation nuclear reactor design known as a pressurized water reactor (PWR). It has been developed by Electricity de France (EDF) and the Siemens AG conglomerate group of Germanys. It is being sold to several countries worldwide, but only four are under construction, in Finland and France (one for each country) and two units in China. It is also being considered in the United Kingdom (U.K.) states, the United States of America (U.S.A.), Saudi Arabia, Italy, India, and Abu Dhabi. Still, it is meeting some stiff opposition in these countries.

The EPR, also known in international energy industry circles by the same acronym of EPR (evolutionary power reactor) is supposed to offer increased safety while enhancing its economic efficiency through a higher electrical power and thermal output through lower costs (17% more efficient in the use of uranium fuels).

Still, safety issues continue to hound this new design despite claims that it is significantly safer against any potential terrorist attack than presently operational reactors. The EPR design uses several safety measures against accidents or meltdown resulting from either a terrorist attack or a natural calamity likes in Fukushima.&nbsp.


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