I need some assistance with these assignment. starbucks corporation Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. starbucks corporation Thank you in advance for the help! The mission statement of the company reaffirms its corporate principles which depict their passion for serving the customers and improving the lives of people across the globe. The company offers a complete package designed to engage and entertain its customers such as the Starbucks Entertainment division which is engaged in promoting and marketing popular books, music, and films. Its outlets spread worldwide are equally popular in local as well as international markets.

Owing to the ongoing environmental crisis and the heightened awareness of global warming, the company contributes its share by adopting environmentally friendly measures. Starbucks was ranked at #17 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as one of the Top 25 Green Power Partners for the purchase of renewable energy2.

The company strives to establish itself as a market leader by promoting business practices that would assist them in engendering social, environmental, and economic assistance for communities where they operate. It centers its efforts on offering an excellent work environment for its employees, making a positive contribution to its communities, establishing long term and cordial working relations with the coffee farmers, and taking stringent measures in reducing their environmental footprints4.

Starbucks Entertainment comprises of a selection of finest quality music, books, and films aimed at offering maximum ease and satisfaction to its customers and has several strategic alliances with some of the major players in the entertainment industry and has teamed with Apple iTunes which offers exclusive soundtracks which can be downloaded from the site.

Strategic decisions involve the choice of alternatives which has the potential of having a significant impact on the company’s success in the long term. Tactical decisions on the other hand involve decision making in the day to day process that is required to reach the ultimate strategic goals of the organization. Operational decisions involve decision making in the routine decisions that affect the functioning of the organization such as planning, production sales, staffing, adjusting production rates.


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