I need some assistance with these assignment. summer landscape by william panchner Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. summer landscape by william panchner Thank you in advance for the help! Modern Art – Formal Analysis: Summer Landscape, William Pachner Source: Woodstock Times, The painting by William Pachner, entitled “Summer Landscape” is an oil on canvass that contains various manifestations of art forms through the effective use of colors, lines, and depth. At initial view, spectators would be awed by the vivid collaboration of colors through the scenery captured in hues of blues, yellow, green, red, white and shades of black and brown. Viewers could be lost as one tries to decipher objects and forms that have been depicted in the landscape. where a recognizable red house at the top of the canvass comes into view.

Depth and distance were effectively depicted through the elongated lines at the bottom of the painting which could be interpreted as winding roads interspersed with green shrubs. The depth was evident from painting forms and objects in smaller scales to depict furthering distance from the viewer. As the viewers’ eyes search through the landscape, the concept of space was effectively depicted through exhibiting a continued journey upwards to the house, as its apex. Beyond which, shades of blues represent the skies with shimmering glitters of sunlight depicted through waves of gold.

The lines that were used are predominantly elongated, wavy, and rigged. The objects were not realistically expressed and only the house a top of the hill was visibly recognizable through clear lines and effective use of differentiating color that made the house stand out from the scenery. The placement of colors complements each other and by including white intermittently, Pachner effectively created a sense of tranquility within the scenery.

Pachner leaves interpreting other visual forms in flat rendition to the imagination of the viewers. Greens could obviously represent flora. Shades of dark blues and greys depict depth in terms of inner spaces and farther locations. Like his landscape, those who view it could be lost in the barrage of colors and lines with no clear patterns. However, one is led to appreciate a sense of balance in his painting as, despite the bombardment of colors and lines, a sublime serenity: as if things were in their proper order.

As the title indicated, the landscape was vividly designed in bright radiant colors that effectively relayed the message of summertime to the viewers. Through the effective use of lines, colors and depth, the scenery that emerged seemed to invite viewers to a place that could have been ingrained in the painter’s mind as a memorable part of his life.

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