I need some assistance with these assignment. the event management industry Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. the event management industry Thank you in advance for the help! In the past decade or so, alongside other industries in the services sector, event management has grown at a phenomenal rate in almost all parts of the world. From organizing a marriage to a conference and from managing exhibitions to managing concerts, parties, conferences, and literally any and everything else. event management has boomed from all ends, and today holds a critical share in the services sector. A major reason for this extreme boom has been the economic rise in the global landscape, whereby, the increasing economic activity has given birth and movement to this industry. Today, thousands of event management firms operate globally, and are running successfully, despite the economic downturn. the attempt to move towards a boom has pulled the graph of events occurring even further up, as each attempt to bring about more and more business for moving their economy out of recession. Event management is a profession as well as an art. a science that exercises many management skills of an individual. The following section illustrates the literature review of the service issues associated with event management.

In accordance with Kilkenny (2007), the gurus of management state that services concerns have a much wider scope of issues to deal with than manufacturers or sellers of products, because products are generally machine built, tangible and it’s easier to measure their quality, while at the same time it is difficult to measure quality in services due to their attribute of intangibility. Cuskelly (2000) states that service is all about the experience, whereas experience depends on the mood of the consumer. While the taste of PEPSI (a product) may seem similar to an individual (even if it varies a bit) but the quality of massage (a service) would definitely seem different (better or worse) but would hardly be considered as of the same quality as received previously. Subsequently, there occur various issues with services that would be discussed below with the context of event management, but before that, a brief overview of the service aspect associated with event management is discussed.


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