I need some assistance with these assignment. tissue gas alert Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. tissue gas alert Thank you in advance for the help! The paper shows that one’s blood carries oxygen, nutrients for cells, and vital disease countering antibodies to prevent infections. Without sufficient blood supply, cells die and body tissue starts decaying.

2. Hernia: A condition in which intestines cannot be restrained by the abdominal wall within the abdominal cavity. This happens due to the weakening or damage of the abdominal muscles. Intestines bulge out and become twisted.

3. Embalmer not using concentrated embalming fluid to eliminate bacteria which causes Tissue Gas. After handling a tissue gas containing dead body embalmer forgets to clean the mortuary using disinfectants to completely eliminate Clostridium. It is possible for a freshly wounded dead body without tissue gas kept in the same mortuary to become infected with Clostridium.

There are multiple ways to know if a dead body has been affected by tissue gas or not. Some of these ways are such that by making use of touch and observation it can be discovered which part of the body has Tissue gas. However, there can be cases where symptoms cannot be openly seen. Swollen eyes with air bubble formation around them and if a part of the body make a snapping and crackling sound on being touched than tissue gas is likely to be found. Excessive ulceration with reddish-brown colored fluid in the boils and rapid decomposition of a dead body are all signs of the dead body being a tissue gas case. Also, the fluid in the boils has an unpleasant smell. Moreover, the skin of a victim of Tissue gas is likely to be yellowish in color similar to what happens during Jaundice.

Other ways to know for sure that the dead body is of a tissue gas victim is to test cultures of fluid and tissues for the presence of the bacterium known to cause Tissue gas. Magnetic Resonance Imaging or CT scans are body imaging techniques that can be used for knowing where exactly the Tissue gas in the body is.

Tissue gas takes&nbsp.place of body liquid and tears body tissues since it has greater volume like all gases.&nbsp.


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