I need some assistance with these assignment. wireless power transmission Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. wireless power transmission Thank you in advance for the help! Current charging systems make use of the classical wired systems. Low power devices that include mobile phones and digital cameras use batteries that are charged. In cases where one has many low power devices and intends to charge them simultaneously, it becomes a tedious affair. Current manufacturers make electronic gadgets with varying charging systems. To curb the messy picture of using wired systems, wireless power transmission comes in handy and an effective way to charge portable and low-power gadgets.

Electromagnetism is considered to be the study of physical interaction occurrences placed between electrically charged elements. The power of electromagnetism manifests as a field, which is one of the major four fundamentals in nature’s interactions leaving the other three as gravitation, weak interaction, and strong interaction. “WPT is carried out using either the “near-field” electromagnetic (EM) induction (e.g., inductive coupling, capacitive coupling) for short-term distance (say, less than a meter) applications such as passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) [3], or the “far-field” EM radiation in the form of microwaves or lasers for long-range (up to a few kilometers) applications” [54].

Lorentz force is an electromagnetic phenomenon that including both electric and magnetic elements of a single phenomenon. The force of electromagnetism plays a significant role in the determination of the functions of the objects we encounter every day. Ordinary things then acquire the form resulting from intermolecular forces that are between the individual matter molecules. Electrons are bound by electromagnetic wave mechanics to form building blocks of molecules called atoms. It is possible to define the interactions between the electrons of neighboring atoms by the contact of electromagnetic power and the momentum of the electrons.

The electromagnetic field has a lot of mathematical descriptions. In classical electrodynamics, a description of electric fields is of electric potential and of a subsequent electric current in Ohm’s law. The association of magnetic fields with magnetism and electromagnetic induction and a description of Maxwell’s equations on the generation of electric and magnetic fields is prescribed an altercation by each other and by the current charges.

Albert Einstein in 1905 developed special relativity due to the establishment of the speed of light based on properties of the medium. Although the consideration of electromagnetism is one of the fundamental four forces, a unison of the electroweak forces at high energy is possible. The split of the electroweak forces is during the quark epoch into the weak and electromagnetic force.


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