I need someone to answer a short ethic question and a case study.

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****around 4 sentences for the “Ethics Question” and around 4. sentences for the “Case Study”.

** make sure to use outside sources!***

**one citation for each one is good** and one quotation for each one as well

make sure to use ur own words


Ethics Issue:

A nurse working in a physician office is helping the physician explain a medical diagnosis and proposed treatment plan to a middle-aged woman who is a recent immigrant from Thailand. The woman speaks no English, and her daughter is attempting to translate the conversation. The woman has metastasized lung cancer, and her prognosis is not good. The nurse notices a pronounced hesitation in the daughter’s translation of this news to her mother, and she suspects the daughter has not relayed the information correctly, because the patient seems undisturbed by the news.

1. As the nurse or medical assistant helping the physician in this scenario, what would you do?

2. Assume that the nurse and the physician must obtain informed consent form the patient in the scenario. Should they rely solely on the daughter’s ability to translate? Explain your answer.

Case Study:

When Ruth applied for health insurance, she listed a colonoscopy examination as part of her medical history. The insurance company asked for more information. Ruth requested, in writing, that the clinic where she had been examined send only the colonoscopy records to her insurance company. In addition to the requested information on her colonoscopy, the clinic sent all of Ruth’s medical records for the past five years, which included the diagnoses of fibrocystic breast disease and obesity. As a result, the insurance company issued Ruth a policy, but attached riders stipulating that it would not pay for any illnesses arising from the fibrocystic breast disease or obesity.

Ruth complained to the clinic administrator, explaining that she had requested that only those records concerning her colonoscopy be forwarded to the insurance company. The administrator apologized and assured Ruth that the clinic’s policy concerning the release of medical records would be reviewed. He also told Ruth that should she ever incur medical expenses for those conditions excepted in her insurance policy, she should contact him.

1. Did the clinic err in sending all of Ruth’s medical records to the insurance company? Why or why not?

2. In your opinion, did Ruth have a legal cause for action against the clinic? Explain.

3. What would you do, in the clinic administrator’s place, to rectify the situation and make sure that similar problems did not arise in the future?


***After you send your response, I will send you two other students’ responses and I want you the reply to them.


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