I need someone to do a current event essay about a recent news article on sociology

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Current Event Essay

Select a news article that you have not used
before and from a reputable news source (online or print) that covers national
and/or international events.  A few
exemplary sources could include the New York Times, the Washington Journal, the
Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Time Magazine. Students will select an
article of their choosing and in a 500-750 word essay do the following:

1. Summarize the article/event

2. Write your personal thoughts and reaction/response to it.

Some current conflicts today could range from something on
an international scale, like war in the Middle-East, terrorism/nuclear weapons
issues, sexual violence in Sierre Leone, political upheaval in Africa, or the
debt crisis in Europe, to events on a national scale, like the teachers protest
in Chicago, gender inequality in the workplace, sexual harassment—anything
where there are conflicting opinions (abortion, immigration, same-sex marriage,
the economy, healthcare, etc).  Be sure
to include a link of the news article to which are referring.


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