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Discuss how to access team productivity:

Team Productivity is the key assert for organizational growth and success. Team work play a very important role in organizational performance, Team work is very efficient to compare virtual team, In every organization has some teams and team members deviate their work and complete their task easily. They put some daily agenda and end up with meetings for regular work status, In that status call they discussed about their status and how to approach for further work and if it is there any new changes added to their work they can focus on those. They are very communicative each and every member of team. organization also offer some good incentives to their effort.

They fallow some ways to good team productivity

Set some communication goals: A good communication is the key factor of the team productivity. Without good communication, business may fail. Good communication plays important role in team productivity.

Team leader knows their strength and weakness: Every human has some strengths, weaknesses and also have some hidden skills thus to give good result. For example some one has think out of the box and we can recognize a this type of employee and encourage them to create new ideas in front of client.

What conditions need to be in place for teams to excel and why?

According to Lisa Daniel case studies found some conditions which leads excel in team productivity in those First and most important one is communication, understanding between the team and team members of their mission, also they get good incentives for their work. A good communication will help to work very effectively and coordinate each other.

Suggestion ways to design teamwork so that threats to performance is minimized

Performance is the key point in teamwork. Team works need the performance is constantly encouraged and any threats to the performances are minimized. every team member has atleast have spend some time for the out of box.

As a manager, how would you reward teamwork?

As a manager I would like to start to weekly or Monthly winner like if some one perform very well in their team then I will encourage them in gifts or incentives.


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