i want help to do my final paper

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Hello there..i want help to do my final paper in my organizational communication class..

this is the assignment description:

Final Case Study: Students will write a case study analysis on a topic of their choosing. Students may use popular culture references or media to select a topic. For example, I may write a case study on individuals in organizations, specifically Google. First, I narrow the scope of the case study analysis. Then, I would use academic journals, newspapers, magazines, etc. to find information about employee experiences within Google. Apply concepts from class discussions and texts to analyze the case. Case studies should include: Background, Strategies/Implementation, Evaluation and Recommendations. Case studies should be no more than seven single-spaced pages (excluding references). Also, i uploaded two files,the first one is tips of how you should ride this paper and the second file an example of how should this paper looks like..the due date is by april 9th..Final Case Study for ORGC 504 (1).docx Final Case Study Example.pdf i didn’t think of any topic yet so any suggestions?


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