Important Themes and Concepts (I moved this from the bottom to the top for this Lecture so that no one misses it) **These are the tropes and themes you need to be identifying for the Critical Thinking Assignment, before watching any of these Lectures and

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**If you would like to skip my tangent about the artwork displayed on the “Hebrew Creation Story” slide then go to 5:31.**

Babylonian (Mesopotamian) Story of Creation (Links to an external site.)

The Chinese Creation Myth (Links to an external site.)

Rainbow Serpent Story (Aboriginal Creation Myth) (Links to an external site.)

Kumeyaay “Origenes” (The Creation Story) (Links to an external site.)

The Taino Myth of the Cursed Creator (Links to an external site.)

Creation Stories from around the World – Inter2021.pptxQuestions:

*For your answers you must use at least four different mythological traditions.

1. Give an example of a cultural hero.

2. Give an example of a primordial divinity being fashioned into the world/universe.

3. Give an example of human beings created from mud or dirt.

4. Give an example of primordial waters.

5. Choose one other example of a trope, either from the list I gave you or one you know from outside the class, and explain how it works in one of these stories (not in another story you heard somewhere else).

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