IMS 333 response to podcasts

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head to this link and listen to three podcasts not used for a case study:

When you are finished, please submit a response paper to canvas. Include which podcast you listened to, and your overall thoughts of the company, the entrepreneur, and the work that was done to get the company going.

Some questions to think about as you write your response: (Use brief sentences 2-2-3 to answer questions)

  • Did the entrepreneur(s) ever think the company would fail?
  • How much money did the entrepreneur(s) start with?
  • What research was done before the company began?
  • What is the product/service and is that different than what the entrepreneur is really selling? (It has been said that a Lamborghini salesman is selling a lifestyle, not just a car.)
  • How was the existing industry disrupted by the new product/service or company?
  • How did the company build clientele? Inventory? Assets?
  • How were products/services moved in the beginning?
  • How was the product/service marketed in the beginning, and how different is the marketing strategy now?

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