In a 500 word essay, expand on the issues related to cybercrime.

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In a 500 word essay, expand on the issues related to cybercrime. Do not make your submission largely a repeat of the information within the course readings.

Make appropriate use, in-text citation, and reference to available source information to support your perspective in APA 6th edition format and style throughout.

The exam may be accessed via COURSE TOOLS>Tests & Quizzes. Please download your submission as a Word.doc attachment.

The grading criteria is based on the below APUS rubric for written assignments.

Content (50%), i.e., essay illustrates exemplary understanding of the relevant material by thoroughly and correctly addressing the relevant content; identifying and explaining all of the key concepts/ideas; using correct terminology explaining the reasoning behind key points/claims and substantiating, as necessary/useful, points with several accurate and illuminating examples. No aspects of the required answer are missing.

Use of Source Information (20%), i.e., credible scholarly sources are used to give compelling evidence to support claims and are clearly and fairly represented. APA format and style is used accurately and consistently. Required number of references used in the development of the assignment.

Grammar (20%), i.e., writing is clear, concise, and pleasant to read as a result of appropriate and precise use of terminology; total coherence of thoughts and presentation and logical organization; and the essay is error free.

Structure (10%), i.e., a high-caliber, well-formatted submission that conforms to the specified word count.


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