in reference to the compare and contrast on Benign Positional Vertigo and Meniere’s Disease.

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You have a good discussion of both BPV and Meniere’s started here. Many patients complain of dizziness and/or vertigo and understanding more about what dizziness means to the patient is a key piece of making a diagnosis. How would you gain clarification and understanding as to what your patient means when they say they are dizzy or have vertigo? What questions would you consider asking?

Tell me more about the physical exam of the patient in whom you are considering BPV and MD. What does the exam look like and what are the pertinent +/- findings that would assist you in making a diagnosis.

What referrals may be indicated to assist you in your treatment plan for either of these conditions?

I’d like to review your references more closely. What EBP resources were used in your discussion of the pathophysiology & treatment of BPV and MD? Can you provide the additional details for the Baloh reference?


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