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According to Black Elk, 500 innocent men, women, and children were
rounded up, disarmed, and butchered. These people were starved and weak
and were gunned down as they tried to flee. They were in a trap that was
set for them. Bodies were scattered including those of smalls children.
Infants were still trying to latch to their dead mothers. He
described bodies being scattered from being blown up by the canon guns
while others died huddled in a group. The fate of Big Foots men were
also sealed as they too were disarmed and murdered. It was a very
horrifying account. The white men were to blame for this. 

to President Harrison, Indians were naturally volatile and were getting
excited from being told an Indian messiah would help them conquer their
enemy. The President felt very justified in taking as much land as
possible from the Indians to give to the good people of America to
increase crops and industry. He felt it would only be a matter of time
before the Indians would once again wage war on the settlers since they
upset with the loss of more land and lack of resources. He seemed very
satisfied in disposing the Indians because he believed them to be too
much of a threat to the worried settlers and he was also able to
acquire all of their land. This was a small victory to him. According to
President Harrison, the Indians were to blame.

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