Individual Student Profile

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This is a brief summary of the assignment attached I have a template that you must follow to complete the assignment. Please open all attachment they are need to complete the assignment I am on a very strict deadline.

Your Task:

• Read these requirements carefully.

• Compose your personal philosophy of learning based upon your thought and experiences at this point
in your career. The Individual Student Profile, your last assignment for our course, contains your
personal philosophy of learning and your own professional goals statements (3-5), which will state your
intent as a graduate professional. For each goal statement, you will describe how the goal translates
into actions you intend to use in your professional setting.

• A personal philosophy of learning is an internal inventory of what you believe about learning and why,
for yourself and for others. A philosophy is expressed outwardly through decisions which are often
expressed in goals. Your Individual Student Profile will serve as a baseline for your final selfassessment
of your professional growth and competency in your final Capstone Experience Paper.

• Then, present and clarify three to five personal professional goals within three to five well-developed
paragraphs. These are professional goals you have decided you will seek to accomplish during your
time here at ACE. You may be as broad or narrow as you feel will best assist your leadership career
once you complete your study at ACE.

You’ll want to frame your goals within the time during which you are in our graduate program. By the
time you graduate, you want to have accomplished these professional goals. You want your schooling
during your time here with ACE to be a type of “internship” in itself (in many cases you’ll make
internship projects of some of the tasks that comprise the goals you describe here).

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