Informational report memo.

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For this assignment you will prepare an informal informational report memo that showcases a company. Informational reports primarily present data without analysis or recommendations and are usually written with the direct organizational strategy.


  1. Messages should adhere to the memo formatting guidelines on pp. 126, 276, and 280.
  2. Memos should be written using the direct approach (identify the purpose immediately).
  3. Memos should be one to two pages (no more than two pages) in length and should adhere to the writing style guidelines provided in figure 9.2 on pp. 267-268 of the textbook. Please note: this example shows a letter, but you’ll be writing a memo.
  4. Information provided in the memo should be accurate, concise, and grammatically correct (1/2 point will be deducted for each error).
  5. Memos should be single spaced within the paragraphs and double spaced between paragraphs with no larger than 12 pt. font. Please use a serif font (find out more information on pp. 99-100).
  6. Writing will be evaluated according to the standards outlined in the rubric below.

You are intrigued by the LinkedIn Top Startups 2018: The 50 most sought-after startups in the U.S. annual list, and you want to work for one of them. You read the good news that many of them are hiring, so you begin searching for a company that has possibilities for you. After narrowing the list, you hone in on one that seems like the best fit.

Your Task: Select a company from LinkedIn’s list. Note the reasons why LinkedIn added this company to the list, and note the company’s ranking out of 50. Then review the company’s website and gather information about its history, mission, and goals; and products and services. Find out where the home office is located, who leads the company, and how many employees work there. After researching the company, list your reasons for wanting to work there. In a memo report to your instructor, summarize your research findings. State the purpose, add appropriate section headings (see below), and conclude your thoughts on why you think this company is a good employment choice.

LinkedIn’s list: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


The introduction should include the purpose of the memo, who leads the company, where the home office is located, how many employees work there, the company’s ranking out of 50, and the reasons for this ranking.

The body should include these two headings with the appropriate content in each: History, Mission, and Goals; and Products and/or Services. You can find out more about effective report headings on pp. 271-273.

The conclusion/summary should contain your thoughts about why you think this company is a good employment choice for you.

So, you will have four sections of your paper:


History, Mission, Goals

Products and/or Services


Citations must be included and should be added at the end. You will have two citations: one for the LinkedIn link above and one for your company website. Please use APA formatting for your citations (providing just the web address isn’t sufficient here). Note: the citations don’t need to be on a separate page.

Important: Your paper will be submitted here and through Turn It In. It’s important that you remember this and that you do not plagiarize. Use your own words and put direct quotes inside quotation marks. If you plagiarize, you will receive a zero.

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