Informative Speech Presentations

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You will choose to research a company/corporation/organization that recently (ten or fewer years ago) took an illegal, unethical or bad action that affected its employees, the public, and/or the organization itself.

Sub-topics that you consider in preparing the report:

  • Short history of the company (name, type, industry, customer base, year founded, other key factors that clarify the role of this organization)
  • Key players/contributors to problem
  • Description of the problem or action context (historical, economic, social, political, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the action (i.e., why was the action illegal, unethical, or bad?)
  • Impact of the problem on employees, public, corporate reputation
  • Action required by courts, government, or negotiations
  • Recommendations for company/corporation to repair damage with all parties
  • Recommendations for company/corporation to prevent similar problems in future
  • 10 minutes
  • Formal outline due before the presentation

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