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Psychosocial Evaluation on intervention episode: Katherine C. Season 17 ,

episode 1 (269) the link for the episode is:

The presenting problem is what need to be completed. I have answered the: A. Presenting Problem but need more added to it. Here is what I have so far for this section: Katie is consistently on hard drugs and has also turned to prostitution to support her drug addiction. In responding to my question as to what the problem was, the parents were sorrowful (AEB (as evidenced by )by fidgeting and tonal variation) and the father stated: “we are afraid our daughter is gonna die. She has become so addicted it is casual for her. It’s a miracle she’s alive.”

I am paying an extra $2 with this section because you may have to download the episode off of Amazon in order to watch it. The section need to be at least a paragraph or more with proper grammar and complete sentences. I have uploaded section A

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