Integrated Marketing – Archetype

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Marketing communication objectives include the thinking, feeling, and actions a company wants to get across to the target audience. With the increasing variety of media options available, companies will usually hold creative meetings for cross-functional media planning. Media and message strategy are interdependent, and decisions affect IMC.

When creating messages for a variety of target audiences and cross-functional media, content becomes critical for success.

Writing messages for specific target audiences is easier when using stories people have heard often that are part of everyone’s culture. Graeme Newell, with 602 Communications, presents how to position a brand image using seven stories that have changed the world. View Positioning a Brand: Seven Stories that Changed the World and answer the following questions.

1. List the seven archetype stories that changed the world.

2. Go online and find a commercial for a product that represents one of the archetypes. Identify the relationship with the story.

3. How does this story affect your thoughts or feelings about the promoted product?


Newell, G. (2012, September 30). Positioning a brand: Seven stories that changed the world [Video file]. Retrieved from

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