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  1. If you were tested, which ONE of Howard Gardner’s 8 forms of intelligence do you think you would score the highest in?
  2. Describe your strongest area in your own words. Explain why you believe you would score high in these areas and share an example(s) to illustrate your view.
  3. Use an internet search (e.g. ProQuest) on your chosen intelligence. Summarize the published source in your own words and describe whether it is a good descriptor of your strengths. For example, if you think your strongest intelligence is “Logical-Mathematical,” then do a search on “Logical-Mathematical Intelligence,” read it and describe whether or not it was a good descriptor of your strengths. An article about or search for “Gardner’s multiple intelligence” would be fine too as long it helps you describe your stronger intelligence.
  4. Is being “smart” an easy concept to define. Explain.

Your analysis needs to be saved and submitted as Microsoft Word (.docx) or a Wordpad Rich Text Format (.rtf) document. To summarize:

double-spaced, and written in Times New Roman 12 pt. font.

You should have headers on all pages (in the header section – only one line)

Your paper should have a properly formatted cover page.

Your paper must be longer than one page in length in content (1 1/2 to 2 is typically good!). Name, date, title, work cited are additional and do not count as content. Also, do not number it, make bullet points, or rewrite the questions.

  • Your paper should be mostly your own words. If you are using someone else’s words, then you need to use quotes, give credit, and connect it to your message. If you paraphrase someone else’s words, then you need to give credit and connect it to your message. For this paper to be scored, no more than TWO (2) sentences can belong to someone’s published work (quoted or paraphrased).
  • Be sure to properly CITE ALL SOURCES USED at the end of your paper on its own Reference page.

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