International business final summary for presentation, business and finance homework help

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Hi Raphael,

This is the final presentation and this will be going along with my 15 powerpoint slides.  I will be tweaking it to go along with my slides that need narration.  Thank you so much!  This has been a very demanding class for me as I am a single parent and have full time job and a part time job.  I really appreciate it!!   

From the professor,

 Be sure that your final presentation includes the following overarching points to complete your analysis and recommendations for the country you have selected:

  • What type of strategy could your company use when entering the country you have been researching?
  • What should you take into consideration? What would you recommend the company does from an architecture perspective to ensure efficiency when working with this country?
  • What are the overall pros and cons of conducting business with the country you have selected?
  • What would you recommend based on the research you have conducted: should your company import or export with this country? If so, what would be the most effective way to do so? If not, explain the reasons why you would not recommend moving forward at this time

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