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i need this essay within 24 hrs no more than that will be accepted.

-in the “lead introduction” file you will know how to write an introduction


-please describe the place in the introduction ( Starbucks )

-body paragraphs:

1- talk about past

2- Current

3- future



What did i learn

What seemed contradictory or surprising about the interview

How did what was said fit my own reader’s likely expectations about person, activity, or place?

How can i summarize my impressions?



– MLA format.

– 5-6 pages.

– Do not use “Thing, You, A lot” use other words. but if it is a quote keep it as it is. All of the answers in the transcript are quotes and you can paraphrase them for the essay. The transcript is the interview you can add more details to it in order to make the essay 5 to 6 pages.

-please use body language and describe how the person i intervied answered the questions. For example, (sigh) it was a long day.  Another example, scratching his head and thinking.

-note that no more than 4 lines in the quotes that you write in the essay instead paraphrase it if his answer was more than 4 lines. Please use the important quotes and the rest paraphrase them and use them whereever you find appropriate.

– no refrences needed.


thank you!

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