Investing in another country

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Topic: Investing in another country – After you
have read the literature posted under unit four, the assignment is to
write a two (2) page paper discussing foreign direct investment and
regional trade groups. Multinational firms view the world as a single
entity and all people as customers, employees, and suppliers. Why do
companies invest outside their home borders? Why do countries encourage
investment? Why do countries form regional trade groups? What is the
benefit of countries trading amongst each other? How are these regional
trade groups agreements different from global trade agreements such as
those agreed upon through the WTO? In writing this paper, choose two
countries for your example (one should be the country you are doing for
your country report) and how the investment in that country benefits
both the country receiving the investment, and the company making the
investment. How does the investment help its people? Is the investment
simply one of seeking lower labor costs or are there other benefits?
What are the risks of investing in another country? Give examples. You
will have to show you have read the readings and some additional
sources. This does not mean to just quote from all the material, but go
beyond that in presenting/discussing the arguments made in each reading.
I would like your informed opinions included in the paper.

Additional Research –
Demonstrate that you have done additional Internet research on this
topic by including three additional cited sources in your paper. By
this, I mean three sources beyond the readings I listed in the Course
Documents link. Proper citing of these sources in the narrative of your
paper is required. Two pages, double spaced, not including Title or
Works Cited Page. This means the paper should be 600-750 words. As with
all papers prepared for this course, content in individual papers is
expected to be supported by globally acknowledged, peer-reviewed,
refereed research citations and sources. All written submissions should
adhere to APA standards for writing, formatting, and

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