Is caffeine safe to use during pregnancy?, research paper help

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I need a research paper draft written about caffeine. I need it to be done according to the information below. I have some inquiry questions included as well.My thesis: Caffeine regulation should be based off of its safety, its effects on health, and the behavioral changes caused by its use by the workforce.

Inquery questions:

Is caffeine safe to use during pregnancy?

What is the maximum a person should limit their caffeine use to?

What are the effects of caffeine when mixed with other stimulants?

How does caffeine affect sleep cycles?

How does caffeine effect the growth of children?

What makes people so dependent on caffeine?

How does caffeine effect the work force?

Is caffeine good, or bad for your health?

Is caffeine a withdrawal a real thing?

How should caffeine use be limited?

It needs to be:

is 10-12 pages long

is in MLA format

includes 10-12 credible sources in the Works Cited page (at least 6 of them scholarly

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