Is there a correlation between family income and child obesity? Assignment help

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I attached everything you will need along with examples the last attachment is my question ( I was given unfortunately) for my essay i figured it would be best for you to do this seeing you will be doing the paper for me as well i hope if you have any questions please ask. I know and trust you will read the attachments, but when doing bibliography please keep in mind this requirement for sources.

At least two (2) of those ten must be books.

At least six (6) of those ten must be from peer-reviewed journals.

That means no more than two (2) of your ten sources can be newspapers
or magazines (unless you choose to include more than the required ten sources).

This ten-source minimum implies there will be at
least one in-text citation for each source and, therefore, at least ten in-text
citations. However, each source may very well be cited more than once, so the
expected ten in-text citations is a bare minimum, not a maximum. Both your references
and in-text citations are to be presented in APA format. 


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