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In 4-5 sentences, respond to the following discussion:

I can truly say I have learned a lot from this course, and it helps me understand better how a company really works, and my new knowledge will be definitely help me achieve my new goals.

Quality management is one of the terms I am glad I have learned about, I work in a government hospital and we have a quality management department that ignorantly I didn’t know what was the meaning or need for, now I can understand why is so important, all companies want to provide a quality product or service but in the medical field is definitely necessary, the main focus in the company is to achieve customer (in this case patients) satisfaction, in most cases we want it because the happy customer will be back to have more services done, in the government hospital’s case, we know they will be back because is a free service provided to veterans, but the quality we want to provide to them is more because of the promise to them which is one of the moral vision of the VA “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan”. The VA strives to provide excellent service, at least I do and know many of my co-worker do too.

Six Sigma, another term I heard before, it is very important for service and manufacturing organizations to reduce costs, the implementation of the Six Sigma process is outstanding, providing a goal to reduce defects, the closest to zero is a way I think many companies will benefit from, I think every company actually should use it.

Also in chapter six, we did a case problem, wrong meds again… it clearly hit home when this case was prompted, I think in the medical field, more than any field it is very important to have a flawless process, meds for patients for example, we use a pyxis system at the VA that helps control the medications error for patients, but is always human error involved and with the help of this system, we cut those errors down, not as much as I would like to see but it’s a start.

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