LDR6120 Discussion

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Please read two articles (Are You Mentorable? and The Five Types of Mentors You Need) and view two TEDx talks (No One is Talking to the Mentees and Why Leadership and Mentorship Does Not Need to Fail us) posted in the Reading, Viewing, Listening, and Worksheets folder, before responding to the following questions:

Part 1: In her TEDx talk, Victoria Black asked the following questions related to the three components that enhance a mentoring relationship and contribute to the mentee being Mentorable?

Are you committed and willing to make the time for the partnership?

Do you understand the reciprocity you bring to the relationship?

Are you truly willing to be open-minded and vulnerable to change?

Do you agree with the importance of these three components? Why or Why not?

Are there additional components you believe enhance the mentoring partnership and contribute to a mentee being mentorable?

Part 2: In her Ideas.TED.Com post, Julia Fawal identified five different types of mentors we will need in our lives: The Master of Craft; The Champion of Your Cause; The Copilot, The Anchor, and Reverse Anchor.

Have you had any of these types of anchors in your personal or professional lives?

What type of mentor(s) would be the most important to you right now in your career? Why?


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