Leadership, Evaluation, and Risk Analysis

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Deliverable Length: PPT presentation: 10-15 slides; 300-400 words speaker notes per slide
In its 30-year history, Electronic Equipment Venture (EEV) has seen a number of ups and downs, but the performance has been declining steadily in the past decade. Tony has taken the analyses of the income and balance sheet you provided and spent several days digesting the massive amount of information. This includes the analysis of the company’s financial position, operating results, resource flows, and industry comparison.
Now Tony would like you to condense the information and create a presentation. Tony has asked you to create a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis and a risk analysis for the company. Using all of the financial statements and the SWOT analysis, provide a recommendation for the direction of the company in both the short term and long term. Be sure to be specific on which financial ratios and figures within the financial statements you are utilizing.
View excel sheets provided
Assignment Details
In the presentation, include the following:
1. The ratios used to do the analysis of EEV’s financial performance
2. Based on your analysis, what you did to improve the performance of EEV
3. Provide 3-4 recommendations Tony should make to the board for improving performance
The total presentation should include the following:
* An introduction
* Statement of situation status
* Summary of findings
* 3-4 recommendations


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