LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students will demonstrate how the government power of eminent domain has led to both positive and negative effects for community development.Students will be able to identify land u

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  • Students will understand the three main goals of education policy.
  • Students will understand the various educational performance measures, and assess the quality of student outcomes in the U.S.
  • Students will analyze the effectiveness of efforts to reform education through increased spending, magnet schools and charter schools.
  • Discuss the core features of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the Obama administration’s position on the law.


Consider the three main goals of education policy as noted in the textbook. Also consider the current condition of education in the United States; there are states that have implemented a four-day work week instead of five, states have cut back on funding public schools, teacher pay is an issue nationwide, and every state has a high level of students that are not proficient in their grades. If the goals are to have an educated citizenry, to advance social goals and strengthen the economy (the three goals), how have we failed to meet these goals? Elaborate in detail (Cite your work)


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