Lecture Response #6: Daniel R. Small, English homework help

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Lecture Response #6: Daniel R. Small(you can search the information online)

This assignment needs to be a minimum of 1 PAGE, SINGLE SPACED, standard 12-point font, 1-inch margins all the way around. Please type out each question with your answer immediately following. Responses will be submitted electronically via BEACHBOARD prior to class the following week. Incomplete responses will be marked down. Late responses will NOT be accepted.

1. How would you describe the artist’s work or practice?

2. What seem to be the main concerns of the speaker’s work or practice?

3. What seems to drive the speaker’s work/practice? Does the speaker seem enthusiastic about what they do?

4. How would you characterize the way the speaker talked about their work/practice?

5. Do you feel you have a sense of how education or life experience informed the artist’s work? How so?

6. What was the most interesting “take away” for you from this lecture?

7. What impact did this speaker have on you? Were you interested? Did you feel the lecture was successful? Be honest.

8. What perspectives did you gain from the artist about career issues?


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