Letter of application

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Please read the directions very carefully

Write a letter of application/cover letter for the position below. The letter should high light your (my) skills such as
• What technology skills can you offer?
• What other skills have you acquired in school, on the job, or through activities?
• Do you work well with people? Do you enjoy teamwork?
• Are you a leader, self-starter, or manager?
• Do you speak, write, or understand another language?
• Do you learn quickly? Are you creative?
• Do you communicate well in speech and in writing?
You should close the letter by requesting an interview, providing your contact information.
Format & Length:

The letter should be no more than one page in length. It will normally consist of three to four paragraphs. Remember to provide your contact information. In your letter you can only use “I” three times to start a sentence.
Talk about your(my) major and why you choose your major and any experience, your career goals and what make you a unique fit for the position. Discuss your work experience. Think about audience and purpose of the letter.
1. The letter is one page, single spaced
3. Begin the body by saying, “To Whom It May Concern”
Job position https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/home/HomeWithPreLoad?PageType=JobDetails&partnerid=25510&siteid=5136&jobid=3584051#jobDetails=3584051_5136

A little bit about me:
I’m a senior at MMU School of Business. I’m doing my major in Business Management and expect to graduate this December 2019. I have been working as a Relationship Banker at FCC Bank for the past five years (you can search skills of a relationship banker to add to the cover letter). My goal is to apply for a transfer to FCC’s Human Resource once I graduate so I can continue building up on my career experience. I have previous 3+ years of customer service work experiences. I’m bilingual, and I possess these skills: Microsoft Office –Word, PowerPoint and Excel
Proficient in programs such as: Prezi, Outlook, Outlook Express, IBM Lotus

You can find a sample of a cover letter at this website: I think this is a pretty good sample and I would like for you to write the co er letter using a similar tone as this sample letter


Thank you.


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