LIT 202 Questions about authors.

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Week 3, forum 1: your 15 Qs

This week’s authors are:

American Literature 1865-1914 (click this on the TOC and the author names will appear)

  • Zitkala Sa (choose any of the texts there- your choice)
  • Stephen Crane- From War is Kind
  • Ida B Wells-Burnett- From Mob Rule…
  • Kate Chopin- Story of an Hour
  • 1 other of your choosing- any author/text from this period
  1. For each author: you read the bio/background info and pick one text you think is important to define the author.
  2. For each text/author, create a 3 question study guide, making the questions critical (as mine have been all along, as you did last week: why, what if, do you agree, have you ever, why does the author, how does the author, connect, compare ….). 3 questions for 5 authors=15 questions.
  3. For the author and text you self chose, be sure to clearly name the author and the poem or text you want your reader to respond to so that person can find it in the TOC (table of contents).

Post your questions by Feb 1 5pm. Points: 30

Because of the way Canvas works, this is a separate forum with its own deadline.

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