Litterature Discussion: Reading (Realistic) Fiction: The Modern Short Story by Eaton

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The readings for this week feature the genre of fiction by Asian-American immigrant author Sui Sin Far, a.k.a. Edith
Maud Eaton (“In The Land of the Free”; 1909, 1912) (posted below)

All three stories represent early multicultural American literature
written in the mode of Realism (and Regionalism/Local Color fiction): LIT 273 Realism Notes.pdf (Posted below)

The discussion forum is open-ended, so you may determine your topics and approaches, as long as you discuss at least two of the stories and cover relevant literary devices/techniques of fiction in one of the texts/posts.
You may focus one post on each (single) text or compare/contrast two or
more texts based on a specific point of comparison. Potential topics
for discussion are provided in the Discussion #2 study guide. (posted below) You may also wish to consult the relevant handouts as needed.

Once in the forum, be sure to label your posts and replies clearly in the subject line, so others can follow and respond to your ideas with ease (e.g. “Hurston: Imagery” or “Alvarez, Major Themes” and so on).

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