Major factors that influence foreign exchange rates

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What are some of the major factors that influence foreign exchange rates?

Please submit no more than 5 pages of text, plus a cover page and references in APA Format (citing sources and listing references fully)!

No Wikipedia, Blogs with ads from or, as they present a biased opinion. Use at least 6 additional peer-reviewed articles to support your thoughts!

NO Plagarism APA format

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  • Grossmann, A., Giudici, E., & Simpson, M. (2014). Euro conversion and return dynamics of European financial markets: a frequency domain approach. Journal of Economics & Finance, 38(1), 1-26
  • Huang, H., & Zhang, Z. (2019). Virtual Standard Currency for Approximating Foreign Exchange Rates. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 23(1), 33-62.

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