Make Safety Promotion Poster: – Non APA. – Identify a safety message from your Risk Management paper and craft a one page safety promotional flyer that you could send out to promote safety around the

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Make Safety Promotion Poster:

– Non APA.

– Identify a safety message from your Risk Management paper and craft a one page safety promotional flyer that you could send out to promote safety around the risk(s) identified.

My Risk Management Paper:

Risk Management Scenario

Although driving is considered a common activity, it still presents certain risks to driver safety. Every year, the number of cars on busy highways increases making driving increasingly challenging (Koesdwiady et al., 2017). Driver safety is dependent on a driver’s ability to respond accurately to changing traffic conditions. It requires drivers to be attentive and to accurately perceive the environment. Also, drivers need to have great situational awareness and critical thinking skills to respond to emergencies. The hazards drivers face include malfunctioning traffic lights, careless pedestrians, poor weather conditions, potholes, congested traffic, reckless drivers, brake failure, tire blowout, blinding by glare, and child, pedestrian, or animal crossing.

​Driving in poor weather conditions is a considerable risk as it can lead to poor visibility or lead to loss of control. For instance, car accidents that are the result of driving in heavy rain can involve collisions that are life-threatening to drivers and pedestrians. The likelihood of accidents during poor weather conditions is high because often people ignore weather as a substantial risk. Another significant risk to driver safety is reckless drivers. Reckless driving can lead to moderate injuries for drivers, however, the likelihood of accidents occurring is high. The last risk is brake failure which can cause life-threatening accidents but there is a low likelihood of breaks failing especially due to regular maintenance.

​The risk of falling victim to reckless drivers is mitigated by traffic officers regularly monitoring busy highways; this makes the mitigation efforts acceptable. The risk of brake failure is mitigated by having regular maintenance; this makes the risk acceptable. However, the risk of accidents due to poor weather conditions is high and existing mitigation is not sufficient. A mitigation recommendation involves integrating driver monitoring systems that collect environmental information and advice the driver on potential dangers.

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