Market segmention

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  • Define successful marketing strategy 
  • Recognize ideal target markets  
  • Evaluate segmented marketing tactics


  • We all receive multiple one-to-one marketing messages daily. Emails from organizations we have allowed to “opted in”. Mobile phone /app advertisements with our interests in mind. Banner ads related to searches we have made on the Internet.
  • Mass marketing has meant pushing the same marketing materials out to as many people as possible, doing so with audience segmentation in mind. Now, marketers have the tools to reach audiences via one-to-one marketing strategies. This allows messages to be customized to the consumer, creating relationships and offering value directly related to that customer’s or potential customer’s needs.     
  • For this assignment, we will apply your understanding of market segmentation bases to target marketing and brand positioning. 


  • Write a 300+ word paper linking a product or service to the segmentation bases that were defined in Chapter 5.  
  • Use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling appropriate to an academic setting.
  • At least two citations to the text are required. 
  • Ensure you use APA formatting when referencing your sources.

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