Masters personal statement/750 words

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1. Identify your intended graduate nursing program which is FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER

2. Discuss two (2) professional career goals, identifying how your professional experiences to date have prepared you for graduate study at Pace University and how the graduate program will assist you in meeting these goals.(I worked 1 year in nursing home with geriatric patients. currently working with VNSNY in hospice and palliative department as a hospice nurse)

3. Describe your plans to alter your professional and/or personal obligations to have the time needed for graduate study, including the required clinical experiences. ( My working hours are flexible as i’m working as a visiting nurse. I ‘m doing my own schedule)

4. Identify one issue in the United States healthcare system and discuss the role of advanced nursing practice in addressing this issue.

Essays should be submitted in Times New Roman, 12-point font size, double spaced, with one-inch margins.

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