Maternity / obstretics

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M.L .is a 20-year-old female nursing student who is being seen in the OB-GYN clinic for a yearly physical.
Subjective Data
Patient asking about birth control options
States she physically feels fine, no complaints at this time
Enrolled in college for nursing
Has steady boyfriend, 1-year relationship
Sexually active
Lives on campus
Exercises 3 times a week

Objective Data
Vital signs: T = 37 P = 64, R = 12, B/P = 104/64
Weight: 135
HT: 5 ft 3 in
Last menstrual cycle = 10 days ago
Current birth control method = condoms

1) What patient care equipment does the nurse need for this visit?
2) What personal protective equipment does the nurse or provider need to prepare for this visit?
3) Describe proper hand hygiene.
4) What other information needs to be gathered for this patient?
5) What techniques of physical assessment might be used in this visit?

6) What teaching should the nurse consider from the information gathered?

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