Milkweed Book report, history homework help

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Please complete this activity. Make sure you look at the grading rubric below before beginning your assignment.

Read the book Milkweed, by Jerry Spinelli, and complete the book report. Questions from the reading will also be on the Speedback assignment. Milkweed is a piece of Holocaust literature about a young orphaned boy in Nazi-occupied Poland. Although the book has scenes which illustrate the atrocities of living in the Warsaw ghetto, the details are not overly graphic. Milkweed presents a hopeful and compelling story of a boy who perseveres through a tremendously difficult time in history. 

  1. What is the setting of the book? 
  2. Who are four of the main characters? Give a brief description of each character. 
  3. Write a summary of the story. 
  4. How did the story end? 
  5. Did you like the book? Why or why not? 

Grading Rubric


Not Acceptable 0 points

Acceptable 1 point 

Good 2–3 points

Excellent 4 points

Lesson 6: book report

Book report is not fully complete and shows little or no evidence of having read the book.

Book report is complete and shows a basic understanding of the plot.

Completed book report shows a good understanding of the plot and the characters. 

Completed book report synthesizes the plot, character relationships, and theme of the book.

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