MKT case study

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Read Company Case 13 “SunGard: Building Sustained Growth by Selling the SunGard Way” found on page 543 of your text

Note: As we are coming to the close of this course, the case will involve some subjects that were covered in earlier weeks

Answer the following questions: APA format, 500 word minimum

  1. Perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) for Sunguard. The SWOT analysis is described on pages 56 and 57 of your textbook. (30 Points)
  1. What results of the SWOT analysis might lead SunGuard management to determine that a salesforce transformation was warranted? (20 Points)
  1. Look at figure 13.1 on page 403 of your textbook. Describe how the transformation impacted the different steps of the salesforce management process. (50 Points)

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