MN503 Unit 3 Assignment

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Assessing Central Tendency and Descriptive Statistics

Examine a research article which incorporates a measure of central tendency and descriptive statistics. Briefly summarize and report the measure of central tendency and discuss whether the assumptions of the statistics were met and if the type of data (levels of measurement) was appropriate for the statistical test. Include the following in your paper:

Description of the measure of central tendency you intend to examine in the article

Brief description of the study portrayed in the article

Description of how the central tendency measure was used in the study

Explanation of how this is appropriate or inappropriate

Explanation of how assumptions of the central tendency measure were met or not met

Identification of the levels of measurement of variables in the study

Description of the appropriateness of the levels of measurement of the study variables

Discussion of how the data was displayed (i.e., graphs, tables)

Discussion examining the appropriateness of the data displays (Strengths and weaknesses? Were they appropriate? Why or why not?)

Your paper must be:

5-9 pages, excluding cover page;

include at least 4 references ;

be composed using Microsoft ® Word ®; and

must be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12.

This and all papers should be written in APA format and follow standard rules of grammar and formatting.

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