​Mobile and Wireless Communications

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Purpose of the Assignment:

This assignment is a blend of research and current industry trends. This assignment is going to give an opportunity for to:

1. Learn a comprehensive understanding of principles of Mobile and Wireless Communications

2. Apply concepts of cell design under technical constraints.

3. Demonstrate the use of advanced knowledge to solve basic and advance wireless link design problems in the modern telecommunication system.

4. Simulate an end to end wireless communication link using MATLAB programming and Simulink;

5. Understanding the commercial, economic, ethical and security risks in the cellular networks.


This assignment aims to explore the latest and up-to-date advancements in the field of mobile and wireless communication, its limitations, your suggestions and expectations for providing solutions to the identified problems, competing standards and many other issues.

Task: (3000 Words)

This task is a research-type exercise where you will select a project from a given list of topics or you may suggest your own project. The projects include:

1.An up to date literature review of the selected topic.You should try to cite related recently journal and conference papers.

2. In your research, you should investigate the effects of risks, such as health and safety, commercial, and security due to mobile communication system.

3. Designing a model solution of chosen problem in the selected project. Validating the solution with the help of a software simulation study. The simulation tools and platform are your choice.

4. Concluding remarks and future direction of the projected.

5. Demonstration of the project.

Suggested Topics for the Coursework Assignment:

• Co-channel Interference Cancellation.

• Resource Management for Wideband CDMA

• 4th Generation of Mobile Communications

• LiFi Short Range Communications

• UWB Interference Estimation due to 4G Mobile Cellular Systems

• Optimizing Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radios Technology

• Massive MIMO technology

• Millimeter Wave Communications

Assessment Criteria/Structure:

This includes:

• Abstract

• Objectives

• Depth and breadth of secondary research

• Level of understanding of the chosen topic

• Design of simulation models

• Analysis of the results & the demonstration

• Conclusions

Assessment Criteria/Marking Scheme Individual Reflection: (500 words)

You will have to do individual reflection on the research. It should include your comments on both literature and the design. You should also comment critically on the results of simulation model.This summary should not be more than 500 words.

*** Words count = 3500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.


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