Module 02 Written Assignment – FDA Role in Protecting the Patient, Health & Medical Assignment Homework Help

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Since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was established, it has
evolved and changed its roles in keeping the public safe. In 1906, the
Pure Food and Drug Act was established to protect consumers by requiring
drug manufacturers to list the ingredients in their products and show
strength, quality and purity. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of
1938, which called for the creation of the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA), required that manufacturers prove the safety of their products.

Research the current roles of the FDA and what role they play in
consumer safety when it comes to medication. The FDA uses risk event
mitigation strategies (REMS), requires medguides or black box warnings
with certain medications and has established MedWatch. Using APA format,
write a 1-2 page paper explaining how the FDA uses the strategies
listed above to protect the public. Remember to cite your sources

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