Module 2 Discussion

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I don’t want to have you assess a terrorist group for the discussion, but I do want you to look at a group. I don’t want to use a terrorist group because you will have to look at one for your paper and I don’t want someone to take your idea from the discussion. So, now that you have been reading and reviewing SIT and the analytical markers for a couple of weeks hopefully this has started making sense. Without mentioning names or specifics, please discuss a group you are associated with and discuss the 4 analytical markers.

To receive full credit for this week’s discussion post, you will need to:

1. State what the group is that you will be discussing.

2. Briefly discuss each of the 4 analytical markers in relation to a group you are associated with, this can be as an ingroup member, or it can be an outgroup that is connected to one of your ingroups. 

Please label your discussion posts as #1, and #2. 


  • Homeland Security and Terrorism 2nd Edition, Larry Gaines, Janine Kremling, and Victor Kappeler, Pearson Publishing, ISBN-9780134549170 (See First Day Inclusive Access Program details below)
  • A Practitioner’s Way Forward: Terrorism Analysis, Brannen, Darken, and Strindberg, Agile Press, ISBN-0983074569 or 978-0983074564

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